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“A Walk to the Murray” for String Quartet (2021 World Premiere)

Violin I:  Tsang Hin Hei

Violin II: Yeung Nga Yin

Viola:     Yeung Pok Yin

Cello:     Wong Hei Chit

"A Walk to the Murray" is a string quartet piece commissioned for the HKBU online concert series, "Traveling through Time and Cultures". It is inspired from a day of visit to the Murray House and the seashore. Such a historical building has gone through different periods of Hong Kong, no matter if it was good or bad. In this piece there are  some elements of old Cantonese pop songs and also melodies that may remind the audience of some significant moments that Hong Kong has experienced. See if you can recognise them.

“Matters Within Us” - Four Movements for String Quartet (2020 World Premiere)

(Creation - Unresolved Unity - Differentiation - Unity)

Violin I:  Edward Wong

Violin II: Phoebe Leung

Viola:     Henry Lam

Cello:     Thomas Ng

Do we know what makes us become “us”? Do we know how we met and bonded with each other? Do we still realise these while we are living among the hustle and bustle of the city? There are things that deserve to be reminded when the world is in chaos, helping each other to be better selves and sustain our community.

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